A library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference.

Library Quote

Reading improves the mind like a hospital improves the body.

Book Collection

The library which started with an initial collection of 6,500 books has now grown up to a rich collection of 34000 books , 1600 bound volumes & Many More.

Book Collection

The Library Centre has got a collection of over 34000 stocks, comprising of books, periodicals, back volumes, reports, standards-both Indian & International , technical papers, photocopies and reprints

Library Infrastructure

Library Centre occupies ground and first floor of the building situated in a separate building at the centre of the campus.The floor area is 850 square meters


Library Centre has 4 servers comprising of different servers like Library Management server, digital library server, CD/DVD server, client content manager server.

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Modified Ordinances and Regulations (CBCS)
First Year
B.A B.Sc B.Com
Foundation Course Foundation Course Com , A & F, FM , BI , BMS
Communication Skill Biotechnology Com All Subject
Education Botany Business Economics-I
Hindi Chemistry Business Development
History(Paper 1) Forensic Science Mathematical & Statistic
Internal Assessment Geography Business Eco Paper pattern
Introduction to Literature Geology Acc. & Fin. Mgt. Paper pattern
Marathi Mathematics
Mathematics Microbiology
Rural Development Physics
Statistics Statistics
Psychology Zoology
Second Year
B.A B.Sc B.Com
Foundation Course Foundation Course Advertising - Applied
Ancient Indian Culture Botany SY BCom - All subjects
Business Communication Chemistry Business Eco - Paper pattern
Economics - Applied Computer Science Accounts & FM –paper pattern
Economics Information Technology
English Mathematics
History Physics
Hindi Statistics
Marathi Zoology
Rural Development
Third Year
B.A B.Sc B.Com
Internal Assessment Information Technology Paper Pattern All Subject
Ancient Indian Culture Statistics (Sem V & VI) Business Eco –Q. Paper pattern FY,SY & TY B.Com
Books For TY.B.A Marathi Business Eco –Sem V & VI
Hindi Sem IV, V, VI Fin Acc & Auditing- Q. Paper pattern
Hindi Sem VII, VIII, IX
Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M)
Sem I & II
Banking and Insurance
F.Y.B & I S.Y.B & I T.Y.B & I
Banking and Insurance Syllabus
Acc & Fin. Paper Pattern
First Year
M.A M.Sc M.Com
Chemistry (Sem i & ii) Business Economics
Zoology (Sem i & ii)