A library is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference.

Library Quote

Reading improves the mind like a hospital improves the body.

Book Collection

The library which started with an initial collection of 6,500 books has now grown up to a rich collection of 34000 books , 1600 bound volumes & Many More.

Book Collection

The Library Centre has got a collection of over 34000 stocks, comprising of books, periodicals, back volumes, reports, standards-both Indian & International , technical papers, photocopies and reprints

Library Infrastructure

Library Centre occupies ground and first floor of the building situated in a separate building at the centre of the campus.The floor area is 850 square meters


Library Centre has 4 servers comprising of different servers like Library Management server, digital library server, CD/DVD server, client content manager server.

Library Time Table
General rules
Rules Personal books & Journals are not allowed in the library.
Rules Students can take one small note book and pen inside the library.
Rules Readers should make an entry compulsorily in the entry register kept near the entry gate.
Rules All articles being taken out of the library are subject to inspection at the exit gate.
Cost of Damaged / Lost books and Periodicals
Rules If issued book is lost or damaged by any user then the same book or later edition has to be replaced.
Rules If the lost book is not available any where in Mumbai then cost will be recovered in the following manner.
Rules If the book is published before 1985’s then 5 times cost of the book will be recovered.
Rules If the book is published in between 1986’s – 1999 then 2 times cost of the book will be recovered.
Rules However after 2000 publications same cost will be recovered.
Rules In case of periodicals same cost will be recovered.
Baggage counter
Rules Deposit you bags at the luggage counter against token.
Rules Do not keep any valuables.